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NFL’s Concussion Culture: Unringing the Bell

By Hugh Shannon On March - 23 - 2010

The NFL has a committee. 

The NCAA has conducted studies. 

The State of Washington passed a law.

Concussions are the hot topic in football outside of the NFL draft.

While there has been a lot of medical evidence gathered, studies are admittedly still far from complete.  Post-concussive tests, baseline tests and post-career tests are all being conducted. 

It is only a matter of time before the medical sciences map out the physical damage done by concussions—both immediate and long-term effects.

Who will study the psychological effects?

And not the psychology of the brain and the impact of a concussion, but the psychology of the locker room and the machismo that accompanies it.

It is this attitude, playing hurt and toughing it out,  that has long been admired by fans and the media as well as internally by teammates and coaches.  Stay out of the training room and stay on the field.  This has also been passed down to youth athletics, from high school players to pee-wee footballers.

Even the player representative on the NFL's committee studying concussions ...

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