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Hold up! What's going on? You say you are our friends but you keep hurling insults our way. You say you are our foes and you keep "dumping on us" and "talking trash."

I have an answer for this situation. In your spare time, read Tom LaMarre's book entitled, "Oakland Raiders, Stadium Stories." On page 38-39, you will read about an insulting situation on the football field that got Gene Upshaw fired up.

The details are there, but I want to focus on the fiery part. The book says that Gene Upshaw asked, "You what?"

Here is the excerpt:

"...Upshaw asked middle linebacker Willie Lanier, the Kansas City captain, just to make sure he had heard the Chiefs' decision correctly.

"When the realization sunk in, Upshaw was fuming.

"You'll regret this, he told Lanier, and he yelled the same thing toward Stram on the Kansas City sideline.

"When Upshaw returned to the Oakland sideline, he told his teammates, "Buckle up your chinstraps. We've...

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