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Since When Did Emotions Become A Bad Thing In Sports?

By Ron Johnson On December - 7 - 2009

As I was breezing through my Twitter pages, Bleacher Report sent me this article about "The Ten Biggest Crybabies." On this list, I saw Tim Tebow's name. The writer brought up the fact that Tim Tebow was crying during the Gators' loss to Alabama last weekend in the SEC Championship.

I'm sorry. But when did showing emotion before, during, and after a game become such a bad thing?

Why was it that Terrell Owens was omitted from this list? Better yet, why was Michael Jordan?

If anyone remembers, Jordan hugged the NBA Championship like it was his firstborn and bawled his eyes out in the process. And all this was before his father's murder. Yet, Tim Tebow was called a crybaby because he was emotional about coming up short of his goal of leaving Florida with a perfect season and a BCS National Championship.

Yes, I'm defending Tim Tebow. Get over it. It's clear that there are those out there who would rather chastise and insult the man who revolutionized a sport. I know that this is wrong of me to do, seeing as how I haven't written anything on Bleacher Report for several months, but when someone decides that an athlete showing emotion is a bad thing, I have ...

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