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For the better part of a week, the leading story on just about every major outlet has been the drama surrounding Tiger Woods.

You can't turn your television on without seeing something about Tiger, or a new mistress coming forward and saying she had relations with him.

But is all this attention really necessary? Are we truly shocked that a professional athlete cheated on his wife and has girls on the side? Shouldn't we be used to this kind of story by now?

We've already had famous names like Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez in the recent past come out and admit to affairs, so why are so many people shocked when it's Tiger?

As a society, we hold professional athletes on this pedestal that they have no business being put on; by us or anyone else for that matter. We claim that they are "role models" or "heroes" to our children, but we couldn't be more wrong about that.

Most of you may remember when former NBA star Charles Barkley came out and said "I am not a role model," in a Nike commercial . If I were standing in the same room I would have stood up and given Barkley a standing ovation b...

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