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You would think that the Jets would have a lot of fans on Wall Street.  After all, they're a brash, trash-talking, media-hogging, perpetual underdog team that should remind traders of themselves, and well they might.  However, no matter how many Wall Street denizens are actually fans of the Jets, there will be a part of them that will be secretly rooting for the Steelers; and if you have money in the market, you should become a gold and black fan for the day too.

The Super Bowl stock market predictor has had uncanny accuracy over the years, hitting at a rate of 79.5 percent since the Super Bowl began.  What is the predictor?  If an original NFL team (dating from before the merger with the AFL) wins the Super Bowl, the market goes up for the year.  As the Jets are the only AFL team left in the playoffs, investors should be rooting for the Steelers tomorrow to ensure an all-NFL Super Bowl.  

As a little bonus incentive to root...

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