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The Beginning of Joe Willett Sports Needs Bleacher Report

By Joe Willett On April - 13 - 2010

Everybody, I am taking my writing and going visual (yes, I do know that I have a face made for radio) with my brand new YouTube account.  Normally I don't use this website to promote other things, but this is very important to me.

I will be posting a few videos a week and they will be about the big things that are happening in sports, and I need to build up a fan base because it only takes a few people to make you a YouTube sensation.

I realized that people have the comedy and sketch and video blog sections held down on YouTube, but nobody was covering sports and giving actual analysis while getting a ton of subscribers and making it big.

I'm hoping to become that guy to be the first to do it, so everybody check out my channel JoeWillettSports and check out my first video about Anderson Silva, the NFL Draft, the NBA Playoffs, and More .

And make sure to comment, subscribe, and check back for new videos.  Thanks Bleacher Report.

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