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The concept of the UFL's sampler platter of an initial season, the so branded "Premiere Season" strategy really should be appreciated for what it is: Apparent Brilliance.

It seems like a truly innovative concept. Could this be the way all future leagues that dare to compete with the NFL are launched?

The premise is quite simple.  As leagues like the USFL proved, every market is capable of drawing good fan support to two games based off curiosity and football fans' off-season cravings alone.

After that, the quality of the team and the fan experience at the previous games determine future turnout. For most teams, that means dramatically diminished home crowds for the rest of the season.

(For a heads up, that is why the XFL's attendance was better than the USFL's.  The XFL played five home games vs. the USFL's extended nine home-game schedule. This meant there was less time for a fan to get turned off and it allowed for potentially cheaper season tickets—in dollars of the day.)

The UFL only has two owners.  That is the plain and ugly truth that threatens everything about the league. The buy-in costs appear to have been ju...

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