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We Are The World: 1985 Vs 2010 Head to Head

By John Mabasa On March - 17 - 2010

I was looking around YouTube a few days ago and stumbled upon the "We are the World 25" video.

I guess this is to mark the 25th anniversary of the song, and at the same time, raise some money for the victims of Haiti.

I will admit that I am partial to the original. In fact, I don't think the 2010 remake comes close.

That said, maybe I have lost touch of what is "cool" these days. I am in my 30's after all.

So just to be fair I have decided to do a head to head match up of the soloists.

To make sure that the playing field is really even, I will limit my assessment of Team 1985 to what they have accomplished circa mid 1980's and will only consider Team 2010's accomplishments to date.  

So on that note...Let's Get Ready to Rumble......

1. There comes a time when I heed a certain call.....

Lionel Richie vs. Justin Bieber

Winner: Lionel Richie (Team 1985 leads 1-0)

2. When the world must come.....There are people dying...

Stevie Wonder vs. Nicole Sherzinger and Jennifer Hudson (Handicap Match)


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