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Why I Will Be Rooting for Michael Vick

By Dan Kelly On August - 14 - 2009

Michael Vick deserves a second chance. It's a third chance that would be unacceptable.

I in no way condone what Vick did. It was a series of horrendous acts unimaginable for me to comprehend.

How could someone do such a thing?

This is where I drift off of the sports path for a moment.

It brings to light the age old "nature vs. nurture" debate.

This is not a black and white debate.

It's about the environment you are raised in.

Michael Vick was born in Newport News, VA, a small port town facing hard times.His mother was 16-years old and his father 17.

By the time Michael was five, he had three siblings.

He saw little of his father who was in the Army and worked in the struggling shipyards and his mother worked at a local KMart leaving the children with relatives and friends.

Dare I say it was hard times for a pair of 21-year-olds to raise four children in their economic condition?

It is safe to say that the vast majority of people who cannot fathom Vick's heinous acts are middle to upper class Americans. I certainly fall in to that category.

While my family and I plotted our next vacation...

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