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My best friend and former high basketball teammate got me thinking about this.

She went to a Chicago Sky basketball game a couple of days ago with her mom.

During half-time, an announcement was made saying that if you renew your season tickets by a certain deadline, you could get to go bowling with some of the players on the Chicago Sky team.

If I was an avid WNBA fan, nonetheless a Sky fan, I wouldn’t mind jumping onto that deal with no hesitation.

Unfortunately, I’m not a loyal fan.

The shocking part is that the organization would go as far into letting fans hangout with members of the team as an incentive to boost the fan base.

It might not sound as shocking, but consider the other moves that the organization could’ve done, like given prizes, coupons and other incentives that didn’t have to involve the players.

The fact that they involved the players is like saying that these female athletes aren’t as busy as NBA male athletes for ...

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