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Elin Nordegren: What She Should Have Told People Magazine

By Bailey Brautigan On August - 31 - 2010
After reading Elin Nordegren's interview with People magazine, we have all been left a little disappointed. Sure, it's good to know that she is now doing well and that she is recovering from the past year's drama, but don't we all kind of wish she would have stuck it to Tiger a little more?Considering that this is Elin's only interview on the matter, it looks like Tiger has gotten off pretty easy. It makes you wonder if Elin actually told People what was really on her mind.We all know what Elin said in her interview, but let's take a look ...

Elin Nordegren: What We Learned from her People Magazine Interview

By Bailey Brautigan On August - 30 - 2010
Tiger Woods' divorce from Swedish beauty, Elin Nordegren, is now final, and Elin decided to give her first (and supposedly only) statement on the matter to People magazine.According to Elin, she only wanted to tell her side of the story, and she has no desire to live her life in the public eye.So she sat down with People magazine for several hours in order to clear up a few rumors and perhaps get some closure.Don't read People magazine? No problem!Here is Elin Nordegren's interview in a nutshell.Begin Slideshow

Double Your Assets: 10 Hot WAGs Talk About Their Ta-Tas

By Bailey Brautigan On August - 10 - 2010
We all know why you guys love looking at the beautiful women that date our professional athletes...and it's not the size of their brains. Large or small, natural or fake, perky or...not so much: For some reason men have always had some obsession with breasts. Humor columnist, Dave Barry, has said, "scientists now believe that the primary biological function of breasts is to make males stupid." Whether you believe that or not, you have to agree that women are very good at distracting men with our...um assets. But how do women feel about them? Here, we will get to know your favorite WAGs and ...
What are the two things that guys love the most? Well, if you're on this site, the best guesses would be 1. Sports and 2. Beautiful women...not necessarily in that order. So you love your sports, and you love your women. Then why don't we see more women with bigger jobs in the sports world? Wouldn't you be more likely to pay attention to Erin Andrews than Scott Van Pelt? That's what we thought. So, here are the 20 women that we'd like to see more of in sports.Begin Slideshow
Jamie Lynn Sigler is single again! She and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez have reportedly called it quits, and now the "Entourage" babe is back on the market! Begin Slideshow

Brett Favre Retires: Top 10 Possible Post-Football Moves

By Bailey Brautigan On August - 3 - 2010
Now that Brett Favre seems to retiring for good,we wonder how he will spend his extra time. Here we detail possible post-football moves for the NFL legend.Begin Slideshow

10 Giant Athletes and Their Tiny Wives and Girlfriends

By Bailey Brautigan On August - 2 - 2010
Maybe it's an optical illusion, but the tallest athletes always seem to spend time with really tiny women. Perhaps it's an ego thing, or maybe it's just difficult for these sports figures to find tall women. Either way, it seems like these pros like to find good things in small packages. Here we will take a look at the top 10 couples and how they measure up.Begin Slideshow

How You Can Land a Hot WAG of Your Own

By Bailey Brautigan On July - 25 - 2010
Your wildest fantasy has come true! Well, sort of. Ever wonder how professional athletes get such beautiful women? Sure they have money, fame, and good looks, but is that what it really takes? Let's ask some of today's hottest WAGs what really gets them going!Begin Slideshow

Why Do Professional Sports Continue To Disappoint Us?

By Bailey Brautigan On July - 22 - 2010
We are all guilty of it. Whether we are watching ESPN or reading articles on Bleacher Report, we always pay more attention to negative (or at least “negative-sounding”) stories. Admit it. During an episode of SportsCenter , you secretly wish that Stuart Scott will just skip to the tab reading “Vick in Trouble Again.” We immerse ourselves in negativity, and we wonder why athletes and teams continue to make disappointing moves. Like neglected children, they can only gain our attention by lashing out. Our sports figures have some serious behavioral problems, and we can only blame our own obsession with negative hype ...

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