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The Media Needs Football To Start Now

By Chris Wilkinson On August - 22 - 2010
You have to love the dog days of summer.  Since the end of basketball free agency the major sports writers have been trying their mightiest to find a headline.  Yeah, NFL training camps have opened but it isn't the same.  Baseball is in the summer lull and there hasn't been a no-hitter in almost a month.  So, what have the writers been doing, making up stories on topics that really aren't story worthy.  I'll give a few examples and how I think they could be solved.   1.  LeBron James leaves to Miami, Owner Dan Gilbert writes a letter There were many out there throwing ...
Sports fans, if you are like me, you enjoy catching almost all things ESPN. There's ESPN Radio, the podcasts, SportsCenter, and on and online. Well yesterday, on a podcast, an employee of ESPN made a racially insensitive joke aimed at Toby Gerhardt of Stanford. As of this writing (8:00 AM MST, 10:00 AM EST), there isn't a word of any reprimand being passed down toward the individuals. Before I get into why this is frustrating me, I guess I better point out the crime. On the Football Today podcast for Jan. 5, Jeremy Green and his co-host, a character that goes ...

A Cup of Coffee and…My Sports Letter to Santa

By Chris Wilkinson On December - 25 - 2009
This has to be the greatest time of year, the Christmas season.  Football games have Santa Claus and everybody is sending a list off to dear old St. Nick asking for anything from a BCS bowl win to a national championship in basketball.  Yes, I know the kids ask for toys, but I am talking about us adult types, so without further adeu, I give you a recreation of my letter to Santa Claus.   Dear Santa, It's me again for I think about the 30th time in the last few dozen years.  You know things have been tough on the job front ...
Thanksgiving week is a time to be thankful for things that God has given us. I spent the week with family and trying my best to keep up on all the football and basketball. Beyond the turkey and other great food, my family and I enjoyed internet radio calls of football and basketball from Thursday till Saturday; that is, except for the broadcasts I couldn't receive thanks to some NFL and college roadblocks. Due to the economic crisis I have had to make sacrifices since July; one of the first was my dish tv. In this part of the country that left me with NBC and the ...

Why College Football Is Better Than The NFL

By Chris Wilkinson On November - 10 - 2009
In the real world everybody has their own preference.  They like their burgers from one specific place.  They like shopping at one specific store.  They also like filling up their gas tank at one specific gas station.  The fact of the matter is in all three cases, more or less everything is the same except for price and service.  Football between college and the NFL is the same way.  For the most part, they are the same.  The differences are what make college football better than the NFL.  I will give my own personal rundown, in no particular order as ...

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