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A fact that is sadly neglected by history scholars in worldwide is that it was in fact Rocky Balboa that ended the Cold War by defeating Ivan Drago. That's how big this character was. Drago, who shares a striking resemblance to Josh McCown of the Carolina Panthers, had the perfect makings of a sports villain. He was strong, he was mean, and he killed Apollo Creed. The man killed Apollo Creed! To this day, whenever I'm attending a football game and a big hit takes place, I turn to the person next to me and say in a thick Russian accent "If he ...
With NBA free agency on the horizon, the World Cup in full swing, and baseball nearing the All-Star break, Americans have seemingly forgotten about the most hallowed tradition in all of sports that occurs annually on July 4th: The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Each year, sultans of sodium gather in Coney Island and do what Americans do best—eat hot dogs. And my goodness, how they eat. Of the thousands of spectators at the venue and millions of viewers at home, it's likely only a handful could tell you what's actually in a hot dog, and if they try to share ...

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