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Embattled LeBron James Won’t Elude Stigma Paranoid of Race

By Jonathan Mathis On October - 1 - 2010
One day, he was described as the biggest global icon in basketball, braced by the world and vastly became a consumer’s best friend for selling his valuable products. The next day, he was being lambasted and characterized as the world’s most hated athlete, except in South Beach where he opted to expose his talent this upcoming season. It was almost a travesty in sports, when LeBron James hijacked television in a one-hour extravaganza and publicly made his decision during free agency in a narcissistic infomercial that stained his unblemished image. It is difficult, if not impossible, to escape the infamy of ...

This Avid Journalist Is Waving Farewell To B/R

By Jonathan Mathis On August - 22 - 2010
Eventually, there comes a time in life when we opt to leave for better opportunities or to avoid further nonsense from ignorant idiots with no life and nothing better to do but berate someone else’s craft. Once upon a time, this community here at Bleacher Report was pleasant and kindhearted, but now it has evolved into a cruel atmosphere of critics who inanely bash a writer’s artistic writings; because they are either jealous or insecure of their eloquent publishing or just have a rebellious and barbaric heart. The problem here is that people are willing to judge the writer without ...
It wasn’t a typical skirmish in the Reds-Cards showdown, and it symbolized the wildest brawl in the history of sports, as each team was unable to stay above the fray when a verbal altercation initiated a physical altercation. It was utterly amazing that Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips, an agitator who caused tempers to flare and blatantly singled out the St. Louis Cardinals with verbal trash talk, merely was handed a fine for escalating and instigating an ugly war between two teams with bad blood. In truth, the animosity triggered a benches-clearing brawl that was so untypical at a time ...

Ben Roethlisberger Deserves Suspension? Not a Chance!

By Jonathan Mathis On April - 16 - 2010
The concern surrounding Ben Roethlisberger’s latest episode on sexual assault is misguided and strictly bias. Either an ethical district attorney wants to punish the two-time Super Bowl champ for his stupidity, or an irritable father wants the NFL to suspend Roethlisberger of his accusations that has transpired—not once, but twice—and has raised concern within the Steelers family. Not long ago, charges in the Lake Tahoe case were dismissed when a woman and employee of the resort accused him of sexual assault. His teammates label him as a hero, but the general public has mixed emotions. Within the last month, hands ...

Tiger Woods Must Return to Solidify Legacy, Escape Scandal

By Jonathan Mathis On December - 12 - 2009
Well, he refused to give us an explanation for what has turned into the biggest sporting scandal. Believe it or not, Tiger Woods doesn’t owe the world an explanation, even though he’s the world’s greatest athlete or greatest role model. Weeks removed from revelations of a befuddling storm, led us to view Woods as a deceitful and infamous sleaze. Before committing transgressions, he was perceived as arguably the spotless paragon and beyond wrongdoing. But he’s the epitome of human error, making front page headlines for an alleged marital affair. Drastically, we as curious citizens invaded his privacy, pursuing answers ...

Tiger Woods’ Business Isn’t Our Business, So Leave It Alone

By Jonathan Mathis On December - 2 - 2009
So what has emerged into everyone's business, Tiger Woods' private life is gone. Yes, the public has finally figured out a way to enter into his privacy. From what we've learned, we seem to speculate Woods was chased out of his spacious home by a golf club inside his gated community. We seem to guess, his old lady was pissed off over an alleged affair, and the only solution for Tiger to avoid his crazy wife was jumping into his Cadillac. His plans weren't to back out of his driveway and drive to the nearest golf course avoiding a large crowd, nor taking a joyride. Either ...

Michael Phelps Saves Legacy by Prowess Milestone

By Jonathan Mathis On July - 10 - 2009
Our continent was confident all along that Michael Phelps wasn’t going to cease a prodigious water voyage. He’s half man and half fish, with a savviest posture in Olympic-size pools that made him famous and America’s icon, ennobled of heroics and extraordinary swimming techniques. Not only has the sport made him famous, but he was agile at amassing 14-Olympic gold medals and was easily classified as the world’s greatest swimmer, passing legendary water-sprinter Mark Splitz on the all-time list of Olympic gold. A few months ago, quitting was something Phelps pondered. Believe it or not, it would have being a huge gaffe of crippling ...

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