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July 1 was a day where sports writers from the west coast to the east coast stayed by their computers and didn't budge an inch, fearing they'd miss the next big NBA free agent signing. Those of us here at Bleacher Report did the exact same thing, though I'm sure some of us moved a little more than others. We wanted to see what LeBron James was going to do next, where Dwayne Wade was going, and if Chris Bosh would join either of them. We didn't want to miss whatever breaking news was coming next. But, on the eve of the day where we ...

10 Famous Coaches and the Actors Who Should Play Them

By Todd Kaufmann On March - 15 - 2010
We've all seen our fair share of our favorite sports movies of all time. Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, Miracle, The Rookie, Remember the Titans, For the Love of the Game, the list goes on and on. But how many movies haven't been made? How many times have we watched our favorite sport and wondered if that person will ever be featured in a movie or their story be told. In the next 15 slides, we'll take a look at those famous coaches that are yet to have their live or career portrayed in a movie and the actors that ...
For the better part of a week, the leading story on just about every major outlet has been the drama surrounding Tiger Woods. You can't turn your television on without seeing something about Tiger, or a new mistress coming forward and saying she had relations with him. But is all this attention really necessary? Are we truly shocked that a professional athlete cheated on his wife and has girls on the side? Shouldn't we be used to this kind of story by now? We've already had famousĀ names like Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez in the recent past come out and admit to affairs, ...

When Sports Takes a Back Seat to Life

By Todd Kaufmann On October - 27 - 2009
I've learned a hard lesson over the last few days, a lesson that I should always have in my mind. Unfortunately, it took a tragedy to remind me what's really important in life. So often we turn to sports to get away from whatever is going onĀ in our lives, but there are also times where we hold sports as something more important than those around us. We watch college games, we watch pro games, taking up most of our weekends sitting in front of the television rooting on our favorite team. Most of the time, we have our closest friends around us ...

10 Things To Do in San Diego

By Todd Kaufmann On July - 24 - 2009
If you're taking a vacation to beautiful San Diego, CA and you've never been there before, take the time to go see things you've never seen, experience all San Diego has to offer. My, now fiance, and I spent a week here, along with a few days in Laguna Beach to see my cousin get married and since this was her first ever trip to California, I wanted her to see as much as possible. So, we took in as much as we possibly could through that one week. The beach, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, a world famous resort as well ...

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