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I’d Rather Be Like Kobe Than to Ever Be Like Mike

By Brandon Johnson On May - 27 - 2009

People hate Kobe Bryant.

Fans hate Kobe Bryant. Rapist they call him. Selfish they call him. Terrible teammate they call him. They boo him mercilessly in every city.

Then they pay 80 dollars to watch him whenever he comes into town because they know there is a chance he'll drop 61 points and they'll be able to secretly cheer for him—openly if you're in basketball's "mecca."

Coaches hate Kobe Bryant. His own coach, Phil Jackson, spent 100s of pages describing how poor he was a teammate and human being. He blames Kobe for all the downfall of the Lakers and says it was Kobe who forced him into "retirement"

Then Phil Jackson comes back because he wants that 10th title and he knows Kobe is the best path to it.

Teammates hate Kobe Bryant. Shaquille O'Neal bolted for Miami and spent the next 4 years using every media medium, from post NBA title interviews to rap songs, to denounce Kobe Bryant.

Then Shaquille publicly admits to wanting to return to Kobe's side in an attempt to win another ring and cement his place in history.

Basketball fans hate Kobe Bryant. They think he's trying to be...

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