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You reach deep, down into the cauldrons or vats of back issues. You have let them sit in a dark place, aging as a good wine does in a wine cellar. 

You have data in your garage, gazebo, and barrels, ready to dig out the finest materials for one of your best articles.

You want your sports writing to impact society. Your vision is that your sports writing will be chiseled as a hieroglyphical message on the walls of historical museums. Your eyes are wide open and you see your writings in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, for example.

Then, you notice the website that has nurtured you, and inspired you, has some of its best writers squabbling over the question, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the greatest of them all?"

Some of the gifted ones rant and rave, reacting to comments and articles. Some say to themselves, "Surely, I am the greatest. No other can beat me at this game?"

I have come to share another perspective with you. It comes from a course called "game theory." The concepts were developed near the time of World War II. A professor named Larry Narici taught me the concepts at Polytechnic Institute of New Yo...

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