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Rap of the Titans: Rossoneri Vs. Gooner, Rocky G Vs. Awesome Eldin™

By Mohamed Eldin Masri On August - 24 - 2009

A few days ago Rocky Getters wrote a rap article about his favorite Football team AC Milan, and it was such a big hit, that Rocky kept rubbing it in my face saying " See fool! I am da king of rap, but you ain't nuttin' ya sissie white boy, white boys can't rap fo real!".

So to prove to Rocky and the world that white men can rap, I challenged him in a one-on-one rap of the titans.

I am now on a mission to defend the honor of all the white men out there, to every white boy that ever got laughed at, this one's for you.

*In a cool™ and low voice* "It's GO TIME."

Quick Note: Yes, Rocky knows I wrote this article about him, in fact, he wrote one of the 3 raps in his part of the article, and he made it bad intentionally because I asked him to.

I sent Rocky the challenge, and I even gave him the chance to decide where to meet.

I'm currently blind-folded in a plane and have no clue where we're going, but I'm prepared to rap even in the bowls of Hell, nothing can stop me now, nothing can get in my way.

I'm prepared to rap in Hell, and there's nothing ...

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