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Have you ever just had a really bad day at work and a fellow employee comes over to you and says one of those “it’s just one of those days, huh” types of comments and you just have to give a sly smile about it given the circumstances? Well ESPN cameras caught Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Derek Anderson doing just that last night in the waning moments of an embarrassing loss to the 49ers on Monday Night Football. And when asked about the smile during a postgame press conference, Anderson made the unwise decision of going into defensive, freak out mode, cursing ...
I’ve always felt that as a gambler, you should always split any season into two parts just to keep things fresh. Whether you were the god or the goat of the first half of the season doesn’t matter, just remember there’s always tomorrow and always another line to lay your money on. So call it a rebirth, a reawakening, a resurrection or a rejuvenation—whatever floats your boat. Just look forward and continue to focus on the future.We’ve got some games sitting out there this Saturday that are just begging for some action.So, in the good spirit of all things holy, ...

College Football Picks Week 7: Flynn’s Fearless 15 Picks

By Danny Flynn On October - 16 - 2010
Last Saturday proved to be a bit of a “comeback to reality” type day after two weeks of riding high and picking strong. Nevertheless, we never look back, we just look forward. And this Saturday’s slate is loaded with some games that are just beckoning for a play.We’re going to turn to an unlikely hero for the diamond play in the bruised and battered Washington golden boy Jake Locker. Locker’s Huskies sit at 2-3 and are now at a pivotal turning point in their season. If Jake the Snake wants to make it to a bowl, he’d better come up ...

Nebraska Allowed To Prosper While A.J. Green Punished

By Danny Flynn On September - 30 - 2010
There are a lot of things I love about college football. I love the pageantry, I love the excitement, and I love the tradition. I love pretty much everything about the sport with very few exceptions. But if there’s one thing that I simply can’t stand, it's the double standards when it comes to shortchanging the players.It seems that in recent years we have seen far too many cases of players being screwed by the system and being hurt by silly technicalities while schools and athletic departments sit back and load their pockets with cash. The most recent case involves ...

The 10 Most Commercialized Sports Personalities

By Danny Flynn On August - 28 - 2010
At the end of the day, sports is a business more than anything else. Athletes and sports personalities realize that there is a lot money to be made out there. They know that if they can properly sell themselves to the American public, they can really earn a pretty penny.Some athletes rely on humor to make a great commercial, while others rely on their skills.No matter what their style is, here are the ten sports figures that love the art of the sale.Begin Slideshow

Sellin Rake: The Jerry Jones Revelations

By Danny Flynn On April - 15 - 2010
In the now infamous Jerry Jones drunken cell phone video, the wise old owner blesses us with two mind expanding revelations. 1. Tim Tebow will not be a great NFL quarterback. 2. Bill Parcells does not get along very well with owners. I’m saddened this was all the information we were able to gain from this clip. Two minor observations that were fairly obvious to any well versed football fan. I wanted more. I felt there were things that needed to be said, topics that needed to be broached. Irvin, Deion, cocaine, hookers, Aikman, Jerry, ...
LT and AI. Two Monikers. Two Symbols. Two Dark Shadows. Lawrence Taylor and Allen Iverson are two men who have reached such a magnitude and infamy within their respective sports that they can be recognized simply by their initials. These are two men who have seen both the pinnacle and prodigal side of life. These are two larger-than-life athletes who faced more then their fair share of problems, vices, and demons along the way. The only difference between the two is timing. Lawrence Taylor has been there and done that. Twenty years ago he was living out the saga that Allen Iverson is ...

10 Sports Figures I’ll Be Rooting for in 2010

By Danny Flynn On February - 21 - 2010
Who I will be rooting for in this decade… 10. Josh Pastner – Head Basketball Coach – Memphis Tigers In a world where recruiting violations and shady coaching moves are becoming the norm; Josh Pastner is doing it the right way. He is doing it through hard work because hard work is all he’s ever known his whole life. From walking on as a player at Arizona, to finishing school in under three years, to working tirelessly as an assistant at Arizona and Memphis it’s always been about one thing, the grind. No bravado, no ego, no shadiness just doing it for ...

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