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The Top 10 Sports Stories People Should Be Tired Of

By Mike Kline On August - 3 - 2010
It is a slow time for sports media right now, before football starts and as baseball reaches the dog days of summer. We are all forced to deal with the same old recycled stories over and over, and frankly we should all be sick of it by now. Here is a compilation of some of the nation's most overplayed stories to date.Begin Slideshow

College Football: No Room for Agents or Payments

By Mike Kline On July - 21 - 2010
Perhaps ignorance is bliss, and the ills of college athletics should simply be overlooked. The latest round of NCAA investigations into various athletes at some prominent college programs is shedding light on what even the most casual observer has known for years—agents are a big problem for college athletes. When the University of North Carolina has players under investigation who are facing potential season-long suspensions for taking benefits from agents, you know you are having some problems. Of course, it has been a staple in all of the big-time programs for decades. Any program is susceptible as long as they have talent capable of ...
Once upon a time sports were a respite for me from the everyday ills of society—rough day at work, depressing news, my Washington Redskins losing again. I could count on sports to entertain and inform me about, well, sports. Unfortunately now, sports channels are following the MTV model for entertainment and dealing less and less with what their name implies. The Tiger Woods scandal (I'm still waiting for someone to call it "Woodsgate") is the most recent manifestation of media blurring the lines between something that is news and not. It isn't just sports radio, which I was hardly able to listen to the last few days due the ...

A Shout-Out to the True Heroes on Veterans Day

By Mike Kline On November - 11 - 2009
As fans, it is easy for us to lose complete perspective of all things when it comes to our favorite sport and team. We complain about the coaches, players, owners, or whatever seems to be the problem with our favorite pastime. In this routine, we often forget those boys, girls, men, and women we worship on weekends as heroes are really just athletes and pale in comparison to the true heroes who serve all of our interests every day. The men and women of the Armed Services including Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard perform everyday with much more at stake than trophies and championship banners. These ...

Twitter and Sports: Anyone Else Feel This Is Too Creepy?

By Mike Kline On September - 24 - 2009
Ok is it me or is this Twitter thing, especially when it comes to athletics, getting a little creepy? Call me old fashioned, but when adult men or women start following the musings of a 17 to 18 year-old-kid, I find that a bit disturbing. Twitter has, like My Space and Facebook before it, blown up on the pop culture scene and thus found its way into college athletics and recruiting. Coaches tweet, or twit or whatever they call it. So do players current and potentially future players. This is where I see the most problems with the Twitter craze. Professional athletes were the first ones I heard ...

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